About Us

Mission:  Our mission is to create unique and natural soap and body care products for all to enjoy.

How We Started:  5 children, a husband, family, and career.  Running as fast as possible daily seems to be the norm.  Over the years and regardless of where we were, it often seemed that some of the most relaxing times were the moments of quiet in the shower or bath.  I found myself gravitating toward luxury bath products with fabulous scents and skin benefits as a way to spoil and pamper myself just a little bit.  

Throughout my amazing military career, I travelled to countries all over the world and took on tasks beyond my wildest dreams.  Those years taught me so much about others and about myself.  Life in the military is made up of long days, hard work, harsh environments, and little extra time.  It teaches one to appreciate the little things and be willing to work hard for them.  Life outside of the military is just as hectic.  

Breakfast with the kids, a lazy Sunday snuggled up watching movies, an after dinner walk, and so many other moments become the memories of a lifetime.  These moments are the inspiration for all of our products. We select only high quality ingredients and every recipe is created with my children in mind.  I will never produce or share an item that I will not allow my children to use. I hope that you find as much pleasure in using our products as I do in creating them.   

Our Name:  In many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of change or resurrection and yellow is a color of joy.  The butterfly emerges his most elegant true self after entering the cocoon as a simple caterpillar. Some believe the same of spiritual rebirth and that the butterfly is the soul of those we have lost harkening their rebirth.  On a very personal level, the yellow butterfly serves as a reminder of the love that remains when our loved ones leave us and that this love is one of the most beautiful and simple of gifts. The symbolism of beauty and simplicity of this change seemed a perfect fit for the natural beauty of simple ingredients that are hand crafted into luxury products designed to make the user feel pampered and relaxed.


Yellow Butterfly Soap is a Female, Disable, Combat Veteran Owned Company.